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The Hydrafacial is a comprehensive skin treatment that combines three facials into one to restore and rejuvenate the skin on an unparalleled level. This super hydrating facial uses advanced vortex technology to cleanse the surface, lock in moisture, and fortify the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and other nourishing ingredients. The relaxing, 30-minute treatment results in instantly radiant skin. When incorporated into your regular skincare regime, the Hydrafacial improves the skin on a biological level, improving blemishes such as fine lines and wrinkles, loose or lax facial skin, brown spots and other forms of sun damage, acne, and irregular skin tone and texture. 

Let CIMedspa help you love the skin you’re in with the supreme skin rejuvenation of the Hydrafacial. Learn more about this advanced skin treatment by scheduling a complimentary consultation. To schedule, reach out to CIMedspa online by filling out the form below or calling 312-255-1495 today.


  • 3 Treatments in 1 super facial
  • Safe on all skin types
  • FDA approved and clinically proven¹
  • Instantly radiant skin
  • Painless & no downtime
  • Cleanses and Renews
  • Plumps & Hydrates
  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Relaxing 30-minute treatment


Hydrafacial before and after pics demonstrate the radiant complexion and overall improvement to skin health and appearance resulting from this super hydrating facial. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary.* However, these Hydrafacial before and after images feature real patients and demonstrate the amazing skin rejuvenating effect of this comprehensive skin treatment.


The Hydrafacial is equipped with an advanced vortex tip to cleanse, strengthen, and restore the skin using a combination of hydradermabrasion, extractions, and nourishing serums. 

Numerous studies have shown that the skin treatments encompassed within this super facial produce numerous skin benefits. At the surface, the treatment exfoliates the skin to cleanse the surface and stimulate cellular renewal. Deeper down, the facial promotes the production of collagen, the structural protein that supports healthy, youthful skin.  

Step 1 – CLEANSE & PEEL:  

The facial begins by cleansing the skin.   Incorporating hydradermabrasion and gentle chemical peel, step one exfoliates the surface of dead skin cells, acne-causing bacteria, and other debris. This not only reveals the younger, healthier layer of skin that lies beneath the surface, it also stimulates cellular turnover, enhancing the skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself naturally.¹


The second step uses the advanced vortex tip to extract impurities from the pores and lock in hydration. The extraction further cleanses the skin and primes the surface to better absorb the nourishing serums that plump and hydrate the skin.


The last step fortifies the skin by infusing it with hydrating serums. Topical ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid (a popular skincare ingredient renowned for locking in moisture,) anti-oxidants, vitamins, peptides, and other formulations that strengthen the skin for long-lasting results. 


In addition to improving the overall appearance and complexion of your skin, the Hydrafacial is clinically proven to improve a number of common blemishes, such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Congested or oily skin
  • Dull complexion
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne
  • Discoloration
  • Skin laxity


Hydrafacial cost varies per patient depending on a number of factors, such as the specific serums used in the treatment, the number of facials opted for, and if the Hydrafacial is performed in conjunction with other skin treatments. During your complimentary consultation from CIMedspa, Hydrafacial prices will be discussed in detail. If you choose to treat your skin to this rejuvenating treatment, your personal skincare expert from CIMedspa will help you customize a treatment plan that is tailored to your goals and budget. 


The safety and efficacy of this facial are supported by numerous Hydrafacial reviews. Beyond very satisfied customers, Hydrafacial reviews by medical professionals in clinical settings scientifically support the claims that this comprehensive skin treatment can repair, restore, and rejuvenate on an unparalleled level.

One such Hydrafacial review published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, “demonstrated increased epidermal thickness, papillary dermal thickness, and polyphenolic antioxidant levels…There was replacement of elastotic dermal tissue, collagen hyalinization, and increased fibroblast density. Fine lines, pore size, and hyperpigmentation were decreased following treatment. There were no reported complications” The scientific review concluded, “Hydradermabrasion effectively improved skin quality both clinically and histologically.”¹


The best skin of your life is only 30-minutes away with the comprehensive Hydrafacial. Learn more about this revolutionary facial and learn about great ways to save on Hydrafacial cost by contacting CIMedspa, a premier skin spa in Chicago. Reach out to CIMedspa online by filling out the form below or calling 312-255-1495 today.

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